Innovators + mission = outcomes

Join Queensland’s innovation ecosystem for a unique opportunity to level up your resilience and help strengthen the ecosystem and a regional community.

The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur are partnering with local government councils to run a series of ResilientQ missions to take groups of innovators to a regional community for a five-day resilience building mission where you will share in physical, mental and cultural experiences with like-minded individuals.

Expand your limits while also learning about the local community’s challenges. Use your newfound resilience, leadership skills, innate innovation skills and business acumen to work with the local community to identify innovative strategies and solutions to help them future proof their community.

Resilience is an important part of our health and wellbeing as people, innovators, an ecosystem and a state. By building our own resilience, the benefits naturally flow into other areas of our lives, including our businesses and communities and help us overcome obstacles in the current and future social and economic climate. Queensland is the most regionalized state within Australia, which poses a number of challenges but also opportunities to innovate and take those solutions to a global market.

Open missions

Croydon and Etheridge

In June 2024, the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur is partnering with Croydon Shire Council and Etheridge Shire Council on the third ResilientQ mission from 10 – 14 June 2024.

This will be an epic opportunity to get off the grid and build your skills and resilience in places that you may have never considered before but have much to offer.

Have a passion for supporting the development of remote communities, improving access to essential services and leadership building? This mission is for you.

Find out more and apply today.

Previous missions


In March 2024, the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur partnered with the Bundaberg Regional Council on the second ResilientQ mission.

We took a group of 11 innovators to the Bundaberg region for a journey from summit to sea, redefining what’s possible and working with the local community and school leaders to understand why there is a high level of youth disengagement in the region and how climate impacts are affecting their way of life and the great barrier reef.

Torres Strait

In September 2023, the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur partnered with the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC) for the first ResilientQ mission. We took a group of 16 innovators to the Torres Strait where they shared in a once in a life-time experience to immerse themselves with the local community and their culture and get an insight into how climate change is impacting their homes and way of life. Find out more about the mission and the engagement with the local community.