Mission 2 – Bundaberg

What to expect on the mission

Prepare to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and embark on our ‘expedition into the extraordinary' that’ll push your comfort zone in more ways than one and help you discover reserves of resilience and leadership you never knew you had.

Following on from our first ResilentQ mission in Far North Queensland, we’re heading to the beautiful region of Bundaberg, located on the Queensland coastline 4.5 hours north of Brisbane. There’s an incredible array of landscapes, locations and adventures on offer from stunning beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, hiking trails over mountains and adventures on the Burnett River.

The mission will be packed full of activities and travel from summit to sea to  test your limits, redefine what’s possible, take your leadership skills to the next level and help you create lifelong connections with your fellow adventurers and the local community.

In partnership with the Bundaberg Regional Council you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into what resilience means for the region and how you can leave a lasting impact for the benefit of the community.


When: 11 – 15 March 2024

Group size: between 12-16

Cost (outside of the region): $4,500 per person

Cost (within the region): $4,000 per person


  • All flights, accommodation and meals upon mission commencement
  • All costs associated with mission and community activities
  • An incredibly jam packed itinerary full of adventurous, exciting and community based adventures that’ll excite, engage and embrace all the region has to offer.
  • Travel insurance

Who should come on the mission
We are looking for innovators to join the mission who:

  • are based in Queensland, have a base of operations in Queensland, or are currently moving/expanding their business into Queensland
  • are from one or more of the following stakeholder groups from the innovation ecosystem:
    • Founders
    • Investors
    • Ecosystem builders
    • Corporate leadership, management and innovators
    • Researcher or university innovators
    • Government innovators
  • will share their learnings back with the innovation ecosystem
  • are aligned with the objectives of the mission

A couple of things to keep in mind when considering the mission:

  • You will be experiencing a range of accommodation from motel to camping
  • There will be a range of physical and cultural activities and engagement with the local community
  • Due to the nature of the mission, there will be limited access to food to satisfy specific dietary requirements, however we will do our best to accommodate wherever possible
  • A full equipment/clothing list of what is needed to bring with you will be supplied following registration
  • Photos and videos will be taken during the mission and will be used publicly

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the mission, watch the recording of the information session.

Ready to sign up

We are seeking expressions of interest to come on the mission as places are limited. Get in now so you don’t miss your opportunity.

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